Alive Creation

Packaging Production/Printing

In marketing communications, it is a fact that packaging is everything in sales and the bottom intention of any producer is not only to produce good items but to sell them and this can be done by presenting the produced items to be acceptable and appealing to the market and buyers in the way of good packaging.

Alive Creations Packaging Unit ensures that your products are stamped and packaged with the best creative and artistic signature.

We design, create and produce aesthetic packages that gives your products a unique identity.

Call on us for designing and producing packaging and wrapping materials for  metal, glass, plastic, paper, BOPP, OPP wraps and carrier bags for your:

  • Cosmetics products
  • Food items
  • Liquids drinks
  • Confectionaries and all baked products packs
  • Products Labels and covers
  • Corporate gifts
  • Solid Materials Carton packaging designs
  • SAV Labels for all types of products
  • Metalized labels for beer and other drinks